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My services around
the limousine and private flights
St.Gallen / Eastern Switzerland


Travel in a private plane

My strength today are flights within Europe and I offer you these very simply, uncomplicated and on very good terms. Be it for you personally, your management, just for a company event or a trip with friends.

Today I leave the organization for large and long trips in private jets to the companies that specialize in this.


Perhaps you have even toyed with the idea of operating an aircraft for yourself or your company. The St. Gallen-Altenrhein airport offers you the optimal infrastructure for this.

Interested? Then get in touch with me without obligation to find out more!

Range Rover auf der Landstrasse
Mercedes Benz E-Klasse vor Hotel Säntispark

Travel with the limousine

Are you planning a longer business trip or an important meeting in the region? I drive you from door to door, first class and without stress. Are you fed up with short-haul flights to major cities near the border with all the security checks and transfers at the airport, or are you just afraid of flying? There is now an excellent alternative:

Enjoy the extremely quiet journey for example in the very spacious RANGE ROVER Autobiography with all its amenities and prepare for your meeting completely undisturbed during the journey. THE AUTO PILOT LTD ® takes you safely to your destination. Serious, punctual and reliable, as it should be in Switzerland! It's almost like flying in a business jet, just barely off the ground.


You have the choice between the RANGE ROVER Autobiography and the MERCEDES BENZ E-Class. Have I piqued your interest?


Shopping tour with the limousine

Do something extraordinary! Best for two, of course! Enjoy VIP status from A to Z. I will pick you and one or two other people up from your front door and drive you to one of the many shopping metropolises (e.g. Milan or Munich) completely relaxed.

After a great day (it could be two, of course), hop back on in the city center with all your tote bags and while THE AUTO PILOT LTD ® whisks you home safely in the RANGE ROVER like a sedan chair on wheels, take a look the latest film, enjoy the champagne and review the unforgettable shopping trip. It's almost like flying in a business jet, just barely above the ground... have I piqued your interest?


Sightseeing tour with the limousine

From unforgettable sights to undiscovered corners. There is so much to see and explore. In the RANGE ROVER with a glass roof and an elevated seating position, you travel first class! Together with THE  AUTO PILOT LTD ® unbeatable!

I will drive you wherever you want, including abroad, of course, and if necessary for several days. I also work with exclusive travel agencies. Have I piqued your interest? Just send me an inquiry and I will get back to you.


Road show with the limousine

Do you have a series of events that allow you to reach national and international customers and need the appropriate First Class transport to arrive relaxed?

Then you've come to the right place, because no other vehicle reflects power and elegance in such a special way as the new RANGE ROVER. Your arrival alone is an event and shows your success.

Hotel Aussenansicht

Holiday and airport transfers

Are you planning a holiday in the mountains or a spa stay in the Black Forest or just a trip to the airport? If you want your vacation or treatment to start at home, then I am the right person to talk to!

THE AUTO PILOT LTD ® picks you up from home with the RANGE ROVER and takes you first class directly to your holiday apartment, holiday home, spa hotel or simply to the airport. Of course, I'm happy to pick you up again at the end. Baggage problems when loading - I don't know that by the way! It's almost like flying in a business jet, completely relaxed and just above the ground.


Hire a wedding limousine

The wedding car should play a leading role on this big day. Every bride wants to get into a beautiful, luxurious or even the most fabulous wedding car hand in hand with her groom, just like a princess gets into the beautiful carriage with her prince.

Make your most beautiful day with me an unforgettable experience. Feel like the Queen and enjoy British First Class luxury. THE AUTO PILOT LTD ® picks you up from home with the RANGE ROVER and takes you wherever you want. Wherever you go, you are sure to be an eye-catcher! You decide and I will fulfill your wishes!

Chauffeur im Mercedes

Hire a private driver

Do you own a safe, long-distance vehicle and don't want to do without your limousine when you travel because you like to rely on your «own wheels»?

Or maybe you just need someone you can rely on to move your «jewel» from A to B. Then book your own personal chauffeur, who will bring you and/or your vehicle to your destination safely and with experience. Ask for my special prices on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.


I can also tow

Your towing vehicle has broken down and you need a replacement vehicle, for example to transport your horse to a horse show? No problem, because I offer you the solution!

The RANGE ROVER Autobiography is equipped with a retractable trailer hitch and I can easily tow braked trailers with a total weight of up to 3.5t. By the way, with me you can also enjoy the luxurious travel on the road. THE AUTO PILOT LTD ® picks you up from home with the RANGE ROVER and takes you and your horse wherever you want. By the way: Before my flying career started, I made an apprentiship as farmer and therefore I know how to deal with animals.

Interested? Then get in touch with me without obligation to find out more!

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