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Limousine service
for the region
St.Gallen / Eastern Switzerland

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz E-Class

The Mercedes Benz E-Class is a very good choice. The very safe and all-wheel drive sedan offers space for up to four passengers and a lot of luggage.

Including a non-alcoholic drink of your choice and a little surprise on board. Any more questions? Maybe you will find the answer here.


Range Rover Autobiography

Available soon...

Range Rover

The RANGE ROVER Autobiography with a long wheelbase is the king for long-distance travel. The all-wheel drive, off-road and very safe limousine offers a lot of space for up to four passengers with a lot of luggage.

Not only because of a purely emotional decision, but also because there is simply nothing better - catering is all included. Any further questions? Maybe you will find the answer here.

Comfort & intuitive technology in the Range Rover:

  • Long Wheel Base (Plus 20cm more legroom)

  • Massage seats with hot stone massage function

  • Seat control via touchscreen

  • Multimedia system with 11.4" touchscreen and 16:9 Full HD resolution

  • Wireless charging of your smartphone

  • WIFI hotspot

  • Meridian Signature Reference Sound System

  • Glass roof

  • USB-C ports and socket for your laptop

  • Electrically assisted doors

  • Active noise insulation

  • Adaptive air suspension

  • All-wheel steering and all-wheel drive

  • PM2.5 filtration with Nano X technology to reduce odour, bacteria and allergens including SARS-CoV-2 virus1

  • CO2 management and monitoring of indoor carbon dioxide concentration

  • Electrically retractable trailer hitch

Five reasons for using our


Your driver has a lot of experience on the road. One of the most important characteristics is to keep track and to control with foresight. We don't put you in dangerous situations or risk your health to get to your destination quickly. In addition, we know what to do in certain security situations. So you can travel with peace of mind in our limousine, knowing that you are in safe hands. In addition, the RANGE ROVER Autobiography is one of the safest vehicles ever. At theEuroNcap crash test this vehicle received the highest award  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


Your driver knows that you need the highest level of privacy and secrecy in your work. That means any business conversations or news you discuss in the limo stay in the vehicle.


Whatever your concerns or special needs, your chauffeur is there to help. For example, he can give you tips on restaurants, sights or traffic, or even make a reservation for you. If you want to take specific cargo, luggage or packages in the limousine, just let us know. Of course we also take over the loading and unloading.

Ease of travel

Another major benefit of traveling in the RANGE ROVER Autobiography is comfort. This vehicle is known for the luxurious interior and comfortable seats. There is simply no more comfortable limousine! What could be nicer than traveling in a luxury limousine straight from your front door to your preferred destination?

Increase productivity

When you hire a limousine, your travel time becomes work time. When you drive, your mind is focused on the road. When you hit traffic, that lost time is compounded. When we drive you in our RANGE ROVER Autobiography, that time becomes extra working time. This can increase productivity enormously. In this additional time you can make phone calls and arrange meetings. Perhaps you can go through your notes for presentations and talks that you may be giving. In our RANGE ROVER Autobiography Limousine you also have full WiFi access and a power outlet for your laptop. That means your transport becomes a temporary office, so you can get to work as soon as you leave home.

Passstrasse über die Alpen

Environmental awareness


Sustainable procurement:

When purchasing our sedan, we naturally thought about sustainability and ultimately decided on the new RANGE ROVER Autobiography with a diesel engine. We want to limit the impact of our operations on the environment, but still be able to offer luxury road travel. In fact, we pollute the environment with this service. It is all the more dadurch important to drive in an environmentally friendly way.

Reduce emissions:

The use of low-carbon or renewable energy, that Land Rover needs in the manufacture of the vehicle was important to us. It reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and allows us to increase energy security and reduce carbon emissions.

Why diesel:

A Euro 6 diesel engine is less of a burden on the environment if you drive more than 19,000 km per year. Since we have specialized primarily in long-distance routes, the choice of engine was quickly made clear. A hybrid or a fully battery-powered limousine is not yet suitable for our service. The latest Euro 6 diesel engines are the cleanest ever. We can drive our limousine anywhere in Europe.

Land Rover has already made significant advances in the past that have significantly reduced its environmental impact in recent years:

  • European CO2 exhaust emissions reduced by 21%

  • Operating carbon emissions per vehicle reduced by 21%

  • Landfill waste reduced by 75% per vehicle

  • Water consumption per vehicle reduced by 17%

  • Carbon dioxide emissions in logistics reduced by 18% per vehicle

  • 360,000 tons of scrap were converted into lightweight aluminum vehicle architectures between 2013 and 2019.

  • 14 million single-use products have been removed from across Land Rover's operations, from single-use cups to car parts packaging.

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